Festival Fresh; Phase 2 - Outfit inspiration.

This is a picture heavy post!

If you're camping at festivals this year you're going to have a much harder task considering outfits than us 'day go-ers'. Forward planning is essential. You don't want to end up getting dragged into a mosh pit wearing your best jeans! Remember to tailor your attire to where your going and what type of crowd will be around to help you find out what is the most practical style to rock

Coachella Cool
If it me or is coachella a little more tame compared to our British festivals? I thought I'd use this one first so you guys can start by dipping your toes into the festival fashion pool.

Rebel Yell
These days you often have to stop and think if that good looking lad wearing the Beatles top actually listens to them, or if that girl with her headphones in actually realises what those lips and tongue on her shirt actually symbolises. Yep, these days it's always safer to go that one step further in order to maintain your rock goddess credibility.

Woodstock rivival
These pictures are from a range of different festivals and even feature some familiar faces! Think tie-dye, beads, tribal prints and feathers. With the come back of Chelsea Girl in selected River Island stores, there has never been a better time to release your inner hippy. These outfits show how to bring this long lost hedonistic lifestyle back to the 21st Century.

This took the longest to be honest. Probably because most of the images seemed like a 'Who can wear the least' contest. I didn't want to put anyone off by posting scantly clad ladies as I have been reassured by a disappointed male friend that these lasses that leave it all loose are a myth. However, by the amount of images I must say beware! The forecast for this type of festival was a little unclear! It ranged from 2 different ends of the spectrum! Some came in mad neon dress up and others in feminine, bright prints.

Ok Bon bons that's all for now but keep your eyes peeled for Phase 3 - Stay beautiful, coming up in the next few days! Don't forget to tell us all about passed festival experiences and if you're heading out to one this year!

Love J