Sugar rush, the sweet new accessory trend!

Those of you with a sweet tooth for fashion will probably have a back catalog of kitsch jewelry from last year. So any of you who do will be pleased! Sweet themed jewelry is back and being spotted on our favourite quirky dressing idols!
Here is just one example from Jameela Jamil, spotted wearing this liquorish allsorts at London fashion week.

So where can you get yours? Well since it's nearly time for the summer drop of highstreet stores and this has been a late attension grabber you've got to be pretty savvy to get yours in time for summer. Never fear though! BVC has sourced some goodies from indie creator site Etsy for you to get your teeth into!

We found a bracelet just like Jameela's necklace for £15.00 at Fiction Jewelry.

Or maybe you like Dolly mixtures better? This cute little charm bracelet was found at The Mookie Market.

How about a charm bracelet consisting of all your favourite junk food? This bracelet was handmade at Little Miss Delicious.

Maybe jewelry that looks like food isn't enough for you? Perhaps you want it to be scented too! This squishy donut neclace comes in chocolate or strawberry and is only $10.00! You can find this at Baby Loves Pink.

Macaroons are apparently the new cupcakes. Yes I can't believe there are food trends either but I keep seeing them everywhere! So if you're as mad as some of the other bloggers I follow (I'm kidding!) maybe you would like to adorn your hands with this macaroon ring found at Roscata.

Ok the last one! I actually wouldn't mind some of these myself. These glazed polymer lollies could have fooled me, they look so real! I found these over at CuddleBugeeShi.

It doesn't end here though! You can search Etsy to find more goodies to suit your style and budget. I had a blast looking through all the charms, there really must be every food available. We even found fried egg and leak earrings!

Will you be joining this trend Bon bons?

Love J.