Punk from a Friend

I have this friend, she's pretty much amazing.
Today she emailed me with photographs of two 80's Punk icons, so I thought I would pass it on to you and add some modern make up and fashion styles on to it.
Its really random, but guaranteed to cheer you up!!!

"To begin this PUNK! Tribute (idols for me are not necessarily the most well-known ones of the PUNK! era and I will be blatantly honest I don't know much about it)...Toyah Wilcox...Thing is, her hair is not always orange, sometimes she is pink, blue and blonde. It alters like a rainbow and this was what she was famous for. If you like her then check out her music, three of my favourites are...
1. It's a Mystery (especially the live top of the pops version!)
2. I want to be free
3. Brave New World

Red and crazy hair is also making a come back after super sexy Rihanna appeared with her fiery red locks, now 8/10 girls have red hair.

this reminded me of the hair henna I got from Lush this time last year, when my hair was in REALLY bad condition from using too much peroxide. It cost 7.25, and comes in 4 shades- apparently the 'caca rouge' one gives a Florence and the Machine effect on your hair- may have to try this.

I know it looks like a pile of s**t but I have taken this straight off the Lush website because it explains it so much better than me:

"The subtle coffee-coloured one. Brun is made with black and red hennas, plus ground coffee for a deep brown shade. Clove bud oil adds to its spicy scent and we use powdered nettle and seaweed for extra shine and softness. Caca Brun gives your hair a magnificent shine. We recommend it for people with a mousy, undecided hair colour. It's time to make your mind up and come out really shiny brown! "

When you buy it, it comes in a big block- you grate it (which kills your arm by the end), put boiling water over it and mix (which kills your arm by the end of it) and then apply- I left it on for 4 to 5 hours- so make sure you have a whole day and since its nearly summer- do it outside because it is sosososososososossososo messy!!!!!!!
The results are incredible.
Next time I actually want to use the 'caca noir' one as it creates a bluey black shade- sounds 'LUSHHHH'!!

"And Secondly (the background on my phone) Souxsie Soux or Siouxsie and the Banshees.... Prepare to be amazed..."

I think the make up is awesome, especially the eyebrows, which is pretty surprising since nearly every girl I know uses an eye brow pencil these days!!! My favorite one is the Clinique 'Superfine Liner For Brows', its 11 quid and is an automatic pencil so needs no sharpener, it can fill the smallest gaps and comes in 4 shades!!!

The 80s trend has made an obvious come back over the last few years

I love this picture because each select piece of clothing is modern, yet when paired together looks so retro.

"Love to you Fashionista!!!!!!

Love from K... and Rambling Rach