Festival Fresh; Phase 1 - Who, what, where?

The sun is out, the temp is warm(ish!) and if you're lucky you've most likely caught your local postie in shorts, urgh! Yes it's the great British summer and one thing that makes the u.k magical this time of year isn't just our complaints about heat waves, but our amazing festivals. Here BVC is going to give you a guide to festivals all over our little island to make your summer one to remember! In this 'Phase' we'll give you heads up on the hottest festivals in a bid to find one that takes your fancy!

Download Festival;
Spending a weekend with the likes of The Pretty Reckless, Hollywood Undead, Linkin Park and The Gaslight Anthem sound like your type of festival? Download is held in Donnington Park and is spread over 3 days. You can choose to camp to just buy a day ticket. A little warning though, Download is not for the faint hearted and you have to go with a group you feel save with if you're camping due to past history of violence. Need I mention the 2005 riot scenes oh heck!

T4 on the beach;
Rock not your thing? Not a happy camper? Check out T4 on the beach! Held down in Weston-super-Mare this massive beach party isn't to be taken at face value. The parade of pop stars often attracts a younger audience, but for the most part your favourite chart toppers will be dominating the show including Jessie J, Example, Katy B and Alexis Jordan. Just remember to take your sun screen!

The Reading and Leeds festival;
Both taking place at different places, Reading at Little John's farm and Leeds at Bramham park, the festivals do share the same event dates and set lists. Reading being the longest running of the two and said to be the world's oldest popular music festival still in existence! Well, with a setlist including My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars and Two Door Cinema club it's no wonder the line up ensures the festival lives on!

Park life;
Oft I wish I was going this year! Held in Manchester, Parklife this year will be featuring acts including; Kelis, Chase and status, Katy B and Two Door Cinema Club. Since most top festivals seem to be down south Park life holds a strong place in head for bringing class acts and showing it's not all 'grim up north!'

Don't get the wrong idea about Creamfields! I've had friends turn down tickets as they believe the stigma that Creamfields if full of 'chavs and drugged up ravers' as my friend put it ever so politely. A group of my friends when 2 years ago and said it was the best time of their life!

Now for something completely different! Eurocultured lands in Manchester on 29th May and 30th May. Dance, tunes and art all blended into one colourful cocktail makes for some serious fun. You'll find me here this year! Rumour has it Banksy will be in amongst the crowd judging one of the B-Boy contest!

I hope one of these tickles your fancy, if not try googling. There are some brilliant un-known festivals waiting for you to discover them. Hey? Isn't summer for exploring anyway!? So let's have it Bon bons, what's your take on festivals? Oh and remember to stay on stand by for the next 'Phase' Outfit inspiration!

Love J.