My Make Up Fancies For Summer

FOR MY FACE HERE ( I am on the right) for a day and night in London, cocktails, drinks, shopping, a university interview at Westminster and a meal in china town.

I really wanted some gel eyeliner for ages, but never got round to buying it... so when I saw Maybelline New York, Eye Studio, Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, for about £8 from ASDA, I thought, 'Oh My Gahhhhhh- I need this!'
I actually really love it too, and when I pulled an all nighter with some friends at a party the other day, I discovered, IT DOES LAST 24 HOURS!!!!! It felt good that my friends all looked dead, and I looked bright eyed.

Surely everyone has seen those annoying ads for 'Sheer Cover, mineral foundation'... well... I dont know why but I always buy stuff off tele- the pilates set, the lateral thigh trainer (which is amaaazzzinnngggggg) and yeah, sheer cover.
I actually am in love with this makeup!! I use it everyday.. for working out, for parties, clubing, college, work- and it is so so versitile, you can look made up, or casual or natural. it really is so so good.
The only thing I think puts people off is that you cannot try before you buy... so I found a cheaper alternative-
Rimmel lasting finish mineral powder foundation, I got it for a bargain of £3 from B and M bargains. ACE!

The fake eyelashes I was wearing in this photo were from china town for £3, I think they look awesome.

M.A.C, Vivid Hot pink - I think it is amazing. It stays on for ages and ages and ages.


The simple eye corrector pen, I am a fool, always get mascara and eyeshadow down my face. So this would be invaluable to me and is only a fiver.

This was taken just before I went brown and blonde and was using cyber purple by xxl.
And my friend Amy, on the left, styled it for me.


BVC got a little mention on for our 'punk from a friend' post.