Public transport etiquette; Make up application sinning.

It's half 5, I've had a full day at college and I'm about to embark on an hour and a half journey on the train to meet my boyfriend. My eye make up has melted through-out the day so I whip out a palette for some quick application. I apparently have no shame.

Seriously though, you would have thought I'd cracked open a packet of smelly, cheese and onion crisps by the looks I was getting! The thing is, I've been doing the same journey every week for nearly 4 years and people will either love it or hate it. I've had little girls staring, old ladies tutting and strangers turn bff, using it as a conversation starter to swap tips.

The idea that make up application is too personal for public is what I like to call 'Ridiculously British'. We will crave for celebrity news, let coke addicts have their own TV shows and only watch talent shows for the rubbish ones, but then we pick at the most simple things and put this down to politeness? No way - death glares are not polite!

I do love you Britain and I'm lucky to live here, but quit with your bi-polar standards!

So what do you think guys, how far would you go in terms of make up application?

Love J.