EOTD; This could be my world.

Oh photobooth, so flattering!

Worst.beauty.blogger.ever! I never do these EOTD's!! I need to get into shape. Seriously though I had so much work this week so sorry for not posting! I had 3 deadlines - I met 1 oops!

So first off, I based my eyes with Urban Decay's primer potion. This look was created using the exclusive purple shade from the Too Faced Liquify-eye palette (Review coming soon), the shades arn't named which is a little strange. I then blended Urban Decay's 'Psychedelic Sister' into the crease. Then finally I used 'Fantasy island' eyeshadow and liquif-eye transformer from the first Too-Faced palette to line the lid. I lined it a little thicker than usual to add to the pop of colour. I'm actually so please with how bright it is!

That's it! How simple. I can't keep up with some youtube tutorials that use a million and 1 different brushes and products, I like to keep my looks quick. I suppose it's how I've evolved from always being late for college!

What do you think bon bons?

Love J.

P.S I never know how to name lyrics so I usually just put lyrics of the song I'm listening to Lol!