ICC Birmingham Cheerleading Competition

This is me on the right, with some of my cheer friends.

I know this is so irrelevant to fashion, but cheerleading is sport, thus keeps people healthy.
I am part of Blackpool Scorpions Cheerleading group, which used to be Team U.K. And we attended the ICC competition this weekend. So I though I would post about some INCREDIBLE teams I watched.

Unity Allstars- Level 6, Co-ed.
Level 6 is pretty much as good as it gets, and this team was insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Their tricks are mental, and they train alot, which means- top bodies.

AEC Eagles
Literally the best team EVER, they are my ultimate favourites and would die if I could ever become an Eagle.
Not only are they talented... and attractive, but they are genuinely lovely people.
I first saw them in Brighton a few years back and there was tears in my eyes!
They have even performed with Take That!

One word; wow!
They pull some tricks that I didnt even think was possible over the weekend