Liebster blog award.

Ooo-er BVC got it's first blog award ;D!

The leibster Blow award was design to give recognition to great blogs with under 300 followers. We were given this by the lovely Skin Scrubs (Check her out her blog is awesome!).

So we thought it was about time we spread the love a little and show you Bon bons some of our favourite blogs!

LucyPlease - You'll catch our Lucy in the comment section a lot. I like to think of her as our first regular. She's bought a lot of traffic to BVC and is a top bon bon (Thanks sweet!). If you like reading up on fashion, life and Glee check this little lady out!

HayleyAnnLambet - I love love love Hayley. Her 'Monday mugshot' posts give me a nosy insight into her week and her outfit posts are completely inspiring! I'm nor quite sure how to sum up her blog but there is probably something for everyone on it!

BeautifulYouBeautyBlog This is a great little blog and I'm surprised that it doesn't have loads of followers. They haven't been posting too long but already have posted loads of great reviews =]!

So there are just a few. I wish we could put you all down!! Some people just over stepped 300 by a few, how unfair!!

Those awarded are asked to pass this on to who they think deserve this award.

Love J.

P.S We hit 3000 hits for the month yesterday! I'd like to say a MASSIVE thankyou to everyone who made that possible!!