Diet Coke and Asos

Everyone knows that if you love fashion, you drink Diet Coke... DURRRR!!!
So, it is such a wonderful idea, and I am sure that you have all noticed when drinking the black bubbly goodness that there's a quirky little advert/ competition sort of thing going on.
I noticed on Sunday on my lunch break at work, that the label of my coke bottle had an ASOS advert on it... I NEVER do this, but I thought, why not? and found myself texting the number '88555' (I have memorized it haha) and got myself 5 quid off when I spend over 20 pounds... nice one. Only thing is, what to buy ?

I am currently browsing the website at the moment
and there are some wicked street styley people on there, my favourites are these.

How amazing are these gorgeous girls dressed?

Plus, if you vote for your favourite look, you can win 1000 pound of ASOS vouchers... tempted?

This is how I would like to spend some of that money!!

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania For Melissa Lady Dragon Heart Heeled Sandals

ASOS Elbow Detail Hoodie Jumpsuit
Since I have just started the gym

Dr Martens Applique Aston Cut Out Boot
Arent they lovely

Ted Baker Caillee Kaftan Top With Rose Print
For the beach, its nearly summer guys, and I NEED to book a holiday some time soon

I had over 20 pictures saved for this, but I thought best not cram up the blog with my wish list.

What would you buy?

Love K

p.s. sorry I havent posted for a while, I am overloaded with college work... I CANNOT wait until easter!!!