Colour B4 - Does it really work?

When I first saw the adverts for this I just laughed, a 3 liquid process with no bleach that magically takes you back to your normal colour - yea right! So when I walked into my sisters room to the smell of toxic chemicals I was some what intrigued.

My sister has dyed her hair probably nearly every colour of the rainbow. Last year she had platinum blonde hair with 36 inch long extensions! Thankfully she didn't have the wag attitude you would expect to match! These days my sister has short black hair, although it was supposed to go dark brown. To say she disliked the change would be an understatement! She misses her blond locks and is now on a mission to retain her old self!

The science;
Colour B4 contains no bleach, ammonia or peroxide. In short, it reverses the hair dying process by decreasing the size on the hair dye molecules so that they fall out of the hair strands. It's all very clever, but does it work?

So as you can see my sisters hair was extremely dark. The developer she had on her head had to sit there for 20 minutes. Unlike watching hair dye you really couldn't tell if this was working or not. I guessed the formula would change to the colour of hair dye your were getting rid of, which it didn't.

Rinsing the hair at the crucial 'buffering' stage, the water didn't even look like it was taking out the dye. I was so confused. I was so unimpressed but since wet hair always looks dark I decided to wait it out and see if there was any change.

Although we were supposed to wait and towel dry the hair, patients has never run in the family so we got out the blow dryer. I was shocked to say the least! This is not my sisters hair natural hair colour - but my god it's a lot lighter! I actually noticed it also has an 'extra strong' formula so maybe the results would have been different if she had picked up that. However, neither of us are disappointed with the results. It's amazing!

So basically I'm now a believer! I would suggest getting the extra strong formula if you dye your hair a lot though. I've seen my sisters hair at awful times and it actually looks really healthy and shiny. Just make sure you follow all the steps in the instructions carefully and you should be fine!

So Bon bons, have you ever had some awful hair dye experiments where something like this could come in handy?

Love J.

P.S Good luck to all our British Bon bons receiving their AS and A-level first modual results tomorrow. What ever you get, BVC is super proud!!