Fake Eyelash Obsession

I have this total obsession with fake eyelashes at the moment!! Its actually quite scary!
There is a load of different brands at the moment so Im casually working my way through all the different brands trying to find my favorites. Heres a few that I have tried recently.

The first thing I can say is that I HATE all the glue you get in every pack so I invested in a cheap and cheerful adhesive from eyelure for about £3, the pot is massive for the price and I have used it 423895045 times already!

They look insane on, I mean DUHHH katie is the ultimate glamour girl so fake eyelashes are a definate but they are amazing and the dont make you look fake in a bad way. And I got them from this crazy cheap store B&Ms for £3, absolute bargain, plus they stayed on for two days and I reused them afterwards another time before they needed binning. I will no doubt be stocking up on these for the future.

I got these for something stupid like £1.95 over the christmas period, they are actually pretty good, they dont stick out and look more natural than other brands, but if you are looking for a show stopper, I wouldnt really recommend these.

Oh primark! haha. I am not going to lie, I got these for a quid in the sale so I bought 6 sets. If the glitter lashes arent what you want, all you have to do is put mascara over it and your sorted. For a quid, these are actually really rather good. Nice one.
Just make sure you use some good glue.

You must have known that the girls aloud ones would make an appearance. And I can fully say that there is a look for everything amongst the collection; day, night, feminine, showstopper, doll like.
You cant really go wrong with these.
But they are quite expensive compared to other brands at like £6 ish .

Sarah festival ones are super cool, if your a bit quirky then these are a great shout!
I really really like them and they pop up in the sale alot, so tend to be around £3/4
Im a quirky one so Im going to put the score in the middle because some people dont like the red.

I got two sets from Chinatown in London and they were £3 each.
The first set was a day time look, they were amazingggggg, lasted for a good few days. But were super hard to put on.
The second set were the night time, full effect, showstoppers- I got told I looked like katie Price and a scouser- sorry if i offend anyone!
I think the massive ones were a bit too much, they were too long in width for my eye. but I got a load of compliments and when I went back to London the next weekend, I was sent to get some for a few friends and my sister, so they must have looked pretty good!
set one 9/10
set two 7/10

look at these badboys!!!
My sister bought them for my birthday last year but I didnt want to wear them because .... okay, I didnt know how to put on fakies for ages. Im pretty bad at being a girl haha.
But, eventually when I got round to it, after mastering the eyelash application, I STILL COULDNT GET THEM ON!!!
They are so blummin pretty and I really REALLY want to get them on, guess ill have to practice on a rainy day..
score: none at the moment. Im rubbish.

since I have (pretty much) mastered the eyelash thing, Iam going to start trying the individual ones because they stay on, look amazing and just generally more professional.
I am excited to try..


How did everyone do in their exams for Alevels?
I did half amazing half horrendous (Im ordering my paper back though because theres no way 95% of my year failed literature!!!!) I hope you are more happy than I was yesterday... and had a crazy night last night- I did!!!!