Big bad brows!

Not the most flattering picture of myself admittedly, since photobooth was most deffinatly not designed for glam shots! Quite frankly though I couldn't be bothered looking for my camera cable!!

No ones face is completely symmetrical, we would look pretty weird if they were. I'm blogging today to show my eyebrows. For a while now I've been completely stuck with what to do with them - when I say for a while, I really mean forever! Crowd control on these bad boys goes about as far as unibrow patrol and if I'm honest, I even slip up at that!

Although this picture doesn't really illustrate it well, I have one eyebrow higher than the other. In all honesty - I'm not too bothered, that was until my boyfriends friends compared me to a wrestler named The Rock, you'll know him by Dwayne Johnson, who raises one eyebrow in promo shots for some bizarre reason. So at first you can laugh it off, us Northern girls aren't so serious, but I slowly started to notice it more and more.

What am I really supposed to do with them!? I've seen people with super skinny eyebrows which looks like loads of maintenance, not to mention ridiculous! Apparently thick is coming back in this summer so am I safe? Even if I did know how to shape them, would I pluck or get them waxed, oh and am I the only girl who doesn't know what this magical term 'threading' is!?

The point I'm trying to make, and the question I'm trying to ask is; Is it all worth it? Surely I can't be the only one who would rather spend 15 quid on some nice new jewelery, make up or dare I say, takeaway!?

Let me know what you bon bons think!

Love J.