Style Icons and Trends for Autumn/Winter 2011

This autumn/winter 11 catwalk show was particularly amazing for the British designer; it is based on women who read 'Horse and Hound', thats definatly different!! The show invitation was printed on bingo cards and the first outfit had bingo balls on it !!
Plus, accessories have had a real focus in autumn winter 11 shows, HOH has used massive hooped earrings in his collection.

Its a no-brainer when you think of winter, you think of big coats, scarves and knitwear.. I have to admit that knit is a dirty obsession of mine at the minute, after basing both my art and textiles A level coursework on knit; Chanel, Shane Waltner and D&G, I spend alot of time, knitting needles in hand, making square after square- my mum loves it too... it is always the case for me that after I have finished a project or loved a new trend, that it suddenly BOOMS and is everywhere... I doubt that you could go into any highstreet store and not start to notice alot of knitted cardies and jumpers.

Last year I wouldn't have only known her as that assistant from Devil Wears Prada, but she is so much more... I would like to think that my style is kinda similar to hers .... I can at least pretend it is!!!

Of course we expect nothing less than perfection when it comes to one of the world leading fashion icons. The SATC star can do every trend and execute it so well; smart, casual, OTT, glamour... whatever inspiration you have, no doubt she will have rocked the look already.

Her effortless and-ubercool dress sense has captured the world.