Leona Lewis goes Gaga for new style!

Ok firstly, I'm sorry for the title, I just couldn't resist! Secondly, who doesn't love Leona Lewis bless her! However, there has been criticisms circling lately that she's trying to out do Lady Gaga.

Before I address the Lady Gaga comment, I'd like to point out a little something about Leona. When she first won X-factor she was humble, timid and didn't end up on the front page of the news for ridiculous drunken antics like every other celebrity out there. She is dignified and talented. So why on earth are we critiquing her for taking a brave step into the world of fashion? For a while now she has been labeled as boring and now we see her really coming into her own light and the British media jump on her like vultures. Give me a break!

Not only has Leona designed the quirky outfits above herself, but has also been on the front cover of one of the biggest Fashion magazines Harpers Bazaar and been invited to the front row of catwalks, including Roberto Cavalli's Milan fashion week event last year. If that doesn't qualify her to be up and coming in fashion I don't know what does!

Now in terms of the Lady Gaga comment, I'm going to try and chill and not rant for this one! Lady Gaga is amazing, I have no doubt in that. Her outfits, although sometimes a little OTT, are incredible. Let's be honest though, if someone looks a little like her are they copying? Or is it taking inspiration? I'm quite fed up of people comparing Lady Gaga to everyone these days! Yes she dresses crazy and is extremely fashion forward but is she original? I do think sometimes we ought to take a step back and realise the clear influence from acts like Cindy Lauper, Kate Bush and Madonna. So if Lady Gaga can take influence from them, surely others can take influence from her?

I also feel people are preying on the weak here. I mean how many others can you see that are so called 'copying' Lady Gaga's crazy outfit trend.

Maybe I'm rambling, but I just think it's ridiculous to say 'you copied'. It feels too immature. I mean, these girls look amazing, so why should we find fault in that! Besides I love seeing outfits that are different to the norm, boring, sleek dresses we see at red carpet events. I think this calls for a fashion revolution!

What do you think bon bons, are you tired of seeing people 'style steal', or are you just fed up with all the drama?

Love J.

P.S On the subject of Lady Gaga, what do we all think of new her new single Born this way?