Grammys 2011 - make up watch!

Everywhere I look there seems to be people sharing opinions on the outfits of the Grammy awards. What about the make up!? There were some stunning looks so I've put together a few that really stood out for me to get your opinions on!

Her outfit may not have been my favourite, but her make up caught my heart! I loved this look from Katy Perry and it took me a while to come to that decision. At first I thought it could be brighter but now I have settled. Clashing colours and eyes that pop are really becoming a trend right now, so Katy killed two birds with one stone! (I hate that saying!) I think one thing that made people critises this a little was because it didn't exactly go with her dress. However, I must be easily please since I loved this!

Hayley Williams might not be in my good books right now after the revelations of the Paramore break up, but she definitely scored points for this look the other night! I really did not like her dress but I think her make up is amazing! As you know, I love experimenting with colour so this bright yellow really caught my eye.

Once a troubled, teenage goth who seemed to be taking make up tips from her father, Kelly Osbourne has gone from caterpillar to butterfly in the past few years. I think she looks flawless here. Her feminine look complimented her dress well. I love the slightly plum lipstick, it worked really well with her skin tone.

I'm a fan of Nicki, but there are only so many times I can stick up for someone! In a strange way I could see the hair working if it wasn't for the afro! I do love her with long hair though more. I thought her dress was definitely not my cup of tea, and I'm usually one that loves leopard print. I didn't expect anything less than her trade mark pink lips which I just love. I think the slight bit of blue under the eyes was really interesting too. I might have to try it out some time!

There were many more that I loved. Kim Kardashian's midas touch and Jennifer Hudson's smokey eyes were stunning! So bon bon's, who were you favourites!?

Love J.