Agyness Deyn; my style icon for 2011

Okay, she is a bit crazy in terms of her dress sense, but I can completely relate to that. Her super short hair cut, her unique sense of self, her gorgeous figure- that no doubt is a favourite of designer and friend, Henry Holland (who Agyness was actually scouted when out with him in London.)

She is definitely becoming an icon within the fashion world.. with spreads in numerous high selling fashion magazines, being the face of countless brands and walking the runway for god knows how many adorning designers.
Its not like other models, that Agyness took a leap and shaved her head for publicity or a new and original idea, since she says, "I’ve had short hair since I was 13, and when I was 17, I had a skinhead." So, its clear she has and will always be super stylish- if not in the mod rocker kind of way, but in her own sense too.
And, in 2007 she received the Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards 2007.

I have found a blog dedicated to Agyness, which is no surprise at all... Check it out.

Get this though, Agyness is not only gorgeous, stylish and probably one of the most recognisably popular models in the fashion industry at the moment.... she starred in the 2010 film 'Clash of the Titans', where she played the Greek goddess, Aphrodite.... AND!! She provided the female vocals for the Five O'clock Heroes, for the single, 'Who', as well as being in the video for it.
Are you jealous yet???
I AM!!!!

She has become my style icon for 2011, because I have noticed (and been told) that my personal dress sense is becoming more mod or grungy, being told I dress like her... I can accept that as a compliment, thank you.
I ADORE all her looks I have put on this post, but trust me, I could have carried on, I just didn't want to scare all you Bon-bons away with Agyness-mania!!

Love K