Jeremy Scott A/W 2011

Just when you thought you could wave bye bye to 90's rave culture inspired outfits, Jeremy Scott pukes neon all over the runway. Yes, I'm using a disgusting metaphor and it's probably because half of me is horrified by this! Coloured extensions, thunder bolts, multi-texture over load. It takes me back to those 'myspace days' with it's scene trend which should never really be mentioned again!

Don't get me wrong, I'm the first to preach about experimenting and using colour but this, I'm just not 'feeling it'.

Recognise this dress with the pink faux fur? Yep, it's the one Hayley Williams wore to this years Grammy's!

Although it may looks a little chaotic on here, you might want to check out the full runway since it has a lot more fluidity which can often help you get your head around these striking looks! I've always thought Jeremy Scott goes one step beyond what can be classed as kitsch and quirky. I admire this because I believe in individuality and if we keep re-creating trends from the past then were is the fun in fashion? Usually Jeremy's collections will either capture my heart or make me want to vom - this does both!

I might not be able to make my mind up on the clothing but I certainly can on the make-up. It's amazing! Clashing colours and glitter nails is my kind of look. What do you think?

Love J.