Fashion News for 23/02/11

I thought since I have a spare moment, or two on this work experience, I though why not post the fashion news from the newspapers.

It has been in allllll the newspapers the last few days that women spend £133,000 in their lifetime on care for hair, nails, face and skin. But, men only spend £61,000.. I dont know about you guys, but I know that I do spend a whole lot on cosmetics, but why not?


I got this picture from :
I admit that this is from the otherday, but another one of my top 3 photographers, David LaChapelle (man his work is amazing) is suing Rihanna for her S&M video, well Im not that surprised as a friend and me did notice the video had too many similarities to La'Chaps work. Good on him, but errr, I do love Rihanna toooooo
This is the similarity I found funniest. Its fairly subtle.

Vivienne Westwood has said that Kate Middleton is unstylish!!! How funny!
Every publication has been loving Kate and her dress sense, but trust the open mouthed, speaks-her-mind-ALWAYS, Viv to say otherwise.

Apparently she said, 'I would have loved to dress Kate Middleton but I have to wait until she catches up a bit somewhere with style.'
I think its good someones had some 'balls' to give a bad opinion on the fairytale princess. Not that I don't like her myself.


Oh heres that Samantha Cameron bird again...
She opened the Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty show, get this... with Anna Wintour.
Now, Im not one to bitch(... much!)but put Kate Moss next to Anna and not even she has got a chance in terms of fashion fame.
But not only was Samantha paired with Anna, but with Stella McCartney. Wow.. NOT. A. CHANCE!!!
I have a little video for you bon-bons, of samantha 'in action'.
Does anyone else think this could be some sort of publicity stunt.. that David Cameron (Prime Minister from hell!) wants to send a good vibe to fashion followers that he is on board with the industry.. since the fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world, second only to finance... hahahahahahaa, finance- im yawning already!


Oh myy, I am excited to get home tonight because that new programme is on channel 4; 'The Model Agency', it is going to be a cross between Big Brother, Britains Next Top Model (one of the best shows ever.... I think so!) and Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. I doubt it will be as good as Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency- that kept me hooked for AGES.

I hope it doesn't let me down...
To keep me company until 10 will be my best friends and wanabe boyfriends the Gossip Girl cast. Yummmyyy. Blair is on an internship at W magazine (JEL) sorta like me, Im on a work experience at my local paper. (yes okay, obviously not as good)

Hope that has kept you in the loop for today.