Fashion for today. 22/02/10

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After I did a little post about Vivienne Westwoods designs for the Red Nose day charity, Comic Relief... It turns out she has even featured these on her Autumn/Winter 11 runway show!!!! Which means, amazing for us peasants who cannot afford her other designs hot off the runway, we can actually wear something that is featured in LFW!
Just buy them quick, only £14.99 so expect them to be sold out SUPERFAST!!!!

Since I am currently on my work experience at my local newspaper, The Gazette, I thought its the best idea to get the most possible from reading about 10 newspaper as my first daily task. Anyway, as I was reading The Daily Mail, I read, what I found to be, an insanely comical article.
It is about (my absolute favourite designer right now) Erdems models being super duper skinny and how Samantha Cameron was not impressed.
Well, sorry to be all controversial, but seriously STFU! Models are skinny, thats the criteria for them to get their jobs, I am 100% on board the 'We Heart Size 0' train, although I am no where near size 0 myself (put about 3 models in a blender, mix it together, whack it in a human shaped mould, and then you may be closer to my weight!)Alright, Alright, I can see some of your faces going red with anger about how I can be so flippant when it comes to tiny girls, risking their lives for the sake of fashion, and that the myth of young girls catching on to the super skinny trend and adopting eating disorders.. its not like I havent been there myself, wanting to be skinny, but that is where maturity comes in to it, I have realised it isnt my body to be thin.. and it is by no way fair to blame eating disorders on the fashion industry... 'nuf said about that...
Oh wait, a nice quote from the article ......Susan Ringwood, chief executive of eating disorder charity Beat, said: 'There's a backwards step here, and it's a shame. We had hoped that the tide had turned, so this is a disappointing move.
'Young people are especially interested in fashion and want to take the lead it gives. If we're back to the old days of seeing one size on the catwalk, it is regrettable.'

It says in this article that Anna Wintour (THE LEGEND) is a fan of Erdem, not to mention a complete society of celebrity followers lalalaLOVE his work, so why would the master of the label Erdem himself even care what some politicians wife thinks?!
You can read the article here... if you want to laugh!

I just want to add how impressed I am that because it is LFW, the newspapers are ACTUALLY publishing stories about fashion... nice one!

I have just read another lovely article written by one of my favourite journalists, Jess Cartner Morely, about the rise once again in couture fashion. THANK YOU GAHHHH!!
Couture is the representation of the dream, the love and the talent in the fashion industry today, I mean there is no way on earth you cannot appreciate the work of fashion houses making such incredible clothing.
I watched some of the shows online, my favourites were Elie Saab and OMGGGGG amazing show, Stephane Rolland. Check out more about it here :
Plus, go check out one of my top 3 photographers website, there is a video of Tavi (the blogging legend) talking about Dior, under the 'film and motion' section...

Theres a pretty funny piece in the Telegraph newspaper today aswell, about Roland Mouret's infamous Galaxy dress, you can read it online too, heres the link...
Personally, I think its a nice dress, erm, not so eyecatching, but hey, if it (apparently) flatters both size 6 and size 16 women, they no wonder its so 'popular'.

Male fashion has really caught my eye the last few weeks, its completely shocking since I used to be so against outrageous male fashions, and thought there could be no competition for female designs... but, actually...
Male fashion magazines are interesting to read, quirky and actually so insightful.. I love how they blur the lines of fashion, they really challenge the concepts of it.
ArenaHomme+ is so so so good to read, the Ed Westwick edition is my favourite, plus, what woman doesnt want to look at beautiful Ed with no top on?????
Dont forget the classic male mag, GQ, its probably the equivelent to ELLE for us girls, so I naturally aint going to knock it!!
Give me a 'Man About Town' magazine and it will shut me up for a few hours aswell.
Its actually pretty cool to watch male runway shows aswell, I have looked at a few on me ABSOLUTE favourite app on my hpone 'TrendStop' and to say I was impressed would be an understatement... so If you were like me and hated mens fashion, give it ago, you might be converted too.