New Trend; Crazy Fruit

For starters, I have put this picture on because I was trying to find the Red Herring charm bracelet featured in LIFE! magazine in Blackpool on Saturday Feb 19th, but after searching for ages, I found random forums that other girls have said they couldnt find it either. Never mind, if it does show itself, you will know what I am talking about due to the complete ubsurd and unique idea, and its only 12 quid!!

This keyrind is only £6.40 in the sale on debenhams website.

this ahhh-dorable ensemble features loads of random stuff from topshop..... but im afraid i have found this 319 days late, nevermind, its the style im talking about.
The kinda style seen in stella mcartneys new advert, featured in all the glossies like ELLE, where a model is seen 'wearing' a what seems badly photoshopped fruit dress.... odd, but strangely, interesting!

oooh look at these, TOPSHOP, of course £3.50... BARGAIN!!

OHHHHHHHHHHH dont forget the outrageous Katy Perry, the new lady gaga or something, she loves her 5 a day, it seems that everyone is going loopey for the fruity...

I could have carried on but hey, its home time from work ex.

Love K