What I wore; Streetwalker non?

(Hello bad quality!)

Shirt; Billabong
Top; H&M
Skirt; H&M
Tights; Primark

Lets just say, today's outfit was a topic of debate around college today! It was all thanks to these bad boys...

Yep! From 'Did those tattoos hurt?' to remarks of 'Prostitute.' from fellow peers, I really hit both ends of the spectrum today. Some loved, some loathed and it was amazing to see how an outfit can alter a persons perception of you.

The tights are from Primark, only 2.50. From a distance they actually look like real tattoos. The markings are inspired by the Chanel fake tattoos. I have bundles of patterned tights (As you know!) and I was dying to wear them. So today the wind died down and I thought I would brave the weather. Although thinking back, maybe teaming it with a leopard print top and black skirt was the wrong decision?

The majority liked, including my Sociology teacher who was asking where to buy them! However, there were catty remarks and as a result I started taking opinions through my own paranoia!! What I'm wondering is, what do you bon bons think?

In all honesty, what do you think?