Do's and dont's; Having a ring stuck on your finger!

The other day in media my friend Hayley turned round in class to tell me 'My ring is stuck!' followed quickly by our friend Jake questioning 'What should we do!?'. Although Hayley was actually in agony this turned into a little debate for evaluating the methods of solving a stuck ring. Followed by unsympathetic remarks from me like ''Oh that's a shame cause that was a really nice ring.'' yea I can be awful at times!

Step one; Do not pull!!

Our natural reaction to getting our fingers out of places where they are stuck is to pull. However this can irritate the skin and in some cases (Hayley's case included.) make the finger swell. Obviously this makes it harder for the ring to come off.

Step two; Vaseline.
If your ring is on loose enough to slide on some Vaseline to lubricate the skin do so, if not skip this!. Lipgloss is not suggested as a substitute as it can cause skin reactions! You can twist the ring around a little to get the Vaseline underneath, be gentle though!

Step 3;Remember to move your finger!
Without sounding dramatic, yes you could, possibly, maybe loose your finger! Although there is only a slight chance you must remember to move your finger as the ring will be constricting your finger resulting in the blood circulation being cut off!

Step 4; Ice.
Cooling the finger will get rid of any swelling. Therefore making it easy to move the ring off the finger. If the lubricant could not be applied effectively before, try again now and gently twist the ring.

In the end Hayley had to endure near ice burns and had no Vaseline to use as lubricant. College first aiders could not get the ring off so Hayley was directed to the local fire brigade department. Yes really, it was that serious! The ring then had to be cut of using one of these. Scary! If the worst comes to worst for you too, all I can hope is that you get to deal with some good looking fire fighters!!

Hope this helps bon bons, stay safe whilst jewelery shopping, you never know what dangers lurk!!

Love J.

P.S Apologies for the lateness of this post. I've been revising like mad and had my exam this morning, so regular posting shall resume in no time!

P.P.S It's K's birthday todayyyy!!