Fashion News 24/01/2011

After sitting my Alevel English Literature exam, I though, how better to cool down than to post on some of the latest fashion news...

This gorgeous collection is to be the opening of the Haute Couture season today, and what a start!
Armani, who is now 75, has gained his inspiration for the line from a 'treasure chest of jewels' says
I, personally, love the deep shades, the low wasted, metallic belts and chain-mail feel of the photograph above, taken by Paul Cooper; it is almost as if the models are heading out to fashion war!
The hats shown above are by milliner, Philip Treacy, which are soooo cool- I want one, wonder where I would wear it though?

I would like to direct you to a great video of Karl Lagerfeld interviewed by Hilary Alexander
who says 'navy blue is better than black on t.v', that he is always disappointed in himself, that he is 'very into books about language right now.' and that he really likes anna calvi's music right now.

Jimmy Choos new male line
This is a first for the big name brand, with prices from £395 to £695. The line includes, wellies, in crocodile print, evening slippers and cashmere high top trainers.
Chief creative officer Mellon said: 'My vision of the Jimmy Choo man is one who exudes confidence and style whether he is an artist or an investment banker.'
It seems the bespoke brand can do as they please as it is said to be worth around £500m, with boutiques all around the world- selling bags, perfume and shoes, up to £1,000 and more.
They really are testing the water, and trying new things, including their collections with H&M and UGG.

ASOS sales are up by 59%!!!!!!! I know that a tonne of the blogs I read, love ASOS and that near enough every one of my friend worship the online clothing brand, but I am not captivated. And apparently, Nick Robertson has bragged about the fact the sales would have been up to 5% higher if it not for the weather... well I live in Britain right? The weather is never good, so you can't really blame fashion sales on global warming.
So heres some more BORING numbers to convince you of their AMAZING sales at Asos grew by 156%. Sales from its UK business increased by 23%. International sales now account for 44% of total sales, up from 37% in the first half.

Check out, what I think is a beautiful fashion shoot; photos taken by Jason Hetherington.
The only thing I am not loving, is the leopard print dress; £615 From
I love the use of head to toe Miu Miu in the first image; Peach silk dress, £730, Marabou pom-pom choker, £150, Polka-dot sandals, £295.

And lastly for today, Harrods- the beloved and beautiful, Harrods- has broke the £1bn sales barrier!!!! Good on ya'.
What a gorgeous picture of the HUGE store by the way, I got it from

Love K

P.S... IT IS MY BIG 18TH TOMORROWWWWWWWWW, FINALLY LEGAL TO DRINK. Not that that ever stopped me before!
And, good luck to anyone currently sitting the dreaded A Level exams during January.. I know I need it!