Beauty Bargains in TKMAXX.

My friend Hannah works in TKMAXX in Blackpool, so she gets first dibs on most things. A few days ago she gave me a heads up that the store she worked in was selling none other than Urban Decay. As you can guess I went mental! TKMAXX is famous for slashing prices of great names brands so I just couldn't wait to get a deal! I find that aslong as you can have patient and persist through the mounds of clothing, TKMAXX can be quite an adventure! Although, if your idea of hell is sifting through jumble sale rales then maybe give it a miss!!

I went into the store the very next day and spent 40 minutes in the small beauty section and found nothing! Hannah had been putting stock out including the deluxe eyeshadows, lipsticks and the old bronzing box sets that included glitter eyeliner, baked eyeshadow, Bourbon 24/7 eyeliner and a small primer potion for only £7.99!! However, I found nothing! That's how quick the deals go!!

TKMAXX does have a website but it is nothing compared to going instore to hunt for yourself. Each TKMAXX store has different stock and some flux in quality at different times of the year.There are hidden gems in each department and store though, here of some examples I found in my local store.

Henry Holland tights for only £3.99! You pay nearly 15 in River Island!! I was beyond shocked with this find!!

The Balm Hot Mama Blusher. This is really an up and coming brand. Lately I've been seeing it everywhere! Infact I have my eye on their 'Shady Lady' palette but I prefer the Vol 1 and it's sold out!! Just my luck!!

I picked up this Spa Paradise shower wash for only £2.99! I can't wait to try it out and write a review for you guys. It smells so good!! They had a range of different scents so it was hard to choose but I love coconut so it had to be this one!!

In the end my friend Hannah managed to find so remaining Urban Decay bargains, I was gutted. These came in at 5/6 quid each! That's nearly half price!! Jammie sod!!

So get hunting bon bons, their are plenty of beauty bargains to be found!

Love J.

P.S For extra beauty and fashion finds check out BVC's friend LucyPlease. She was nice enough to feature us on her blog so we thought we'd return the favour and give you guys a heads up on this awesome blog! Check her out here!