Tuesday 14th December

What an amazing day!
Yesterday, I went to see The Pretty Reckless in Manchester.
I met the lead singer of the support act, and found out he went to my primary school, in the same class as my brother and knew my sister, small world eh?
I got a surface piercing on my right arm which I think is pretty cool, even though everyone makes a weird face and says, 'ouch, that must have hurt!' but i assure you it didn't and still doesn't hurt AT ALL!!
I got some extensions for my newly dyed hair... i shall upload pictures of my hair later on, my phone wont seem to connect to the computer properly today, thats why these pictures are so small!!
That is about it really for the day, it was so much fun... TAYLOR MOMSEN .
The Pretty Reckless are truly amazing live and I would recommend seeing them to ANYONE!
Love K