Urban Outfitters colour changing lipstick.

Remember when you were younger and cereals used to give away free gifts? The first thing that comes to my mind is mood rings. If you were a 90's kid and didn't have one of those babies you really did lead a sheltered life!

Now to prance into 2011 with chimes of nostalgia, Urban Outfitters has created these colour changing lipsticks which swap shades depending on your mood. The colours [From left to right] are Temper, Melancholy, Clarity, Vain, and Lust. Not only to these lipsticks have colour changing magic - they also add softness to your lips!

These won't be available as early in the U.K but will be in stores from early January for the U.S priced at $14.

Will you be looking out for these?

Love J.