Home Highlight Kits

Really, this should be illegal.
The amount of times I have seen horrible home dye jobs, is awful.
But I saw my beloved JEROME RUSSELL highlight kit and thought, I have used and trusted the full head peroxide, so I will give this ago.
And oh wow.
I was so impressed. My colour went from BLACK, to gorgeous blonde, ash and honey highlights, in one use.
In the pack you got a cap, hook, mixing palate, application brush and the dye.
Even when I opened the box, I was excited.
I am so chuffed with how it turned out... and it was WAYYYY cheaper than getting it done at a salon at only about 5 quid.
I am in love.
There are a tonne of reviews if you just google, 'Jerome Russell, Home Highlight Kit', if you want extra advice.

Love K