When being a cat women became cool!

When you think of the local cat women [Come on everyone knows one!] you wouldn't exactly picture Katy Perry in this saucy little number.

This is the promo shoot for Katy Perry's new perfume 'Purr' and what a purrfect christmas treat this would be. The bottle charms together notes of vanilla orchid, white amber, peach, apple, green bamboo, freesia, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, jasmine and musk.

Even the bottle is cute. At first I though 'That looks like something you'd see on offer in Claire's accessories!' but the more I looked the more it just fit with Katy Perry's quirky style.

With the push back of Lady Gaga's perfume 'Monster' pushed back to 2012, although first said to be out in time for the holidays, this fragrance of Katy Perry's might just be a big hitter for Christmas! I know I'll have it on my list anyway ;)!

So what do you think bon bons? Have you come across a tester yet? What do you think about this?