Forever 21 to coming to the U.K!!

In return for trading one of the jewels in our British highstreet crown Topshop, America had to think big to give us Brit's across the pond a little payback. Oh how they have delivered!

It's not long till the grand opening of Forever 21 stores in Dublin and Birmingham so I thought it best to introduce you all to America's answer to Primark. Don't get me wrong though! In terms of value this is deffinatly a Primark. Over in the USA they will pay around 20 dollars from a pair of jeans, that works out in the u.k at around £12! In terms of quality though, this isn't a Primark. Early this month I shipped over a pair of their 'vintage jeans' form the jeans shop and they fit perfect, they haven't faded at all and I am beyond happy with my purchase. However, the shipping fees are very steep which is why it's great that we now have our own stores!

You can already shop at their website or have a little taste of whats to come by clicking here!

Are you all as excited as me?!