How about going to university to study Lady Gaga? Yes, really!!

Since U.K Bonbon's will be in the middle of their dreaded UCAS applications I though maybe to give you guys some inspiration.

Much like the highly critisised course of studying the beatles in Liverpool, A university in South Carolina is giving students the chance to study Lady Gaga and the implications of fame. The course is 3 years long and is titled 'Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame.'. Here is an extract from the university prospectus;

"The central objective is to unravel the sociologically relevant dimensions of the fame of Lady Gaga."

"We're going to look at Lady Gaga as a social event. Other people say that Gaga's the new Madonna. I see it more like there's people who have this very individual thing. Frank Zappa had it. Prince had it. Miles Davis had it. Jimi Hendrix had it. And Lady Gaga has it."

As I like to consider myself a bit of a sociology boffin in the making I actually got excited over this course. Although I have no intension of applying or chance of going the study of fame sounds so facinating. What do you think bon bons?

Love J.