Street Style.

Name: Ed Fletcher
Talent: super good at art, mainly A2 using inks, charcoal, graphite and other acrylics.
His Doc Martins are from a shop in Camden with a massive Doc.M logo above, which in itself is pretty cool. His style tips are that layering is good for the cold weather, (especially in Blackpool where the air is so icy it hurts) and to try going in shops you wouldn't normally go in, for example, he likes Edinburgh Woollen Mill, as it is actually quite reasonable.

Name: Shelley Moore, as regular Bon Bons will already know.
Talent: She aspires to be a fashion designer, and her totally unique ideas will definitely make this dream a reality.
She thinks internet shopping is the best thing right now, and that to look good, you should 'dress like your grandma!'

Name: Daniel Davies
Talent: very good artist, and is currently taking a triple award in this subject. His project right now is to create large scale images of seascapes.
His favourite shop is Topman, and his style tips is to wake up and just throw whatever on... this is definitely working for him, although he is adorably shy when it comes to taking photographs.

Love K