All I want for christmas is... The most expensive nail polish in the world!

I'm usually praising Models Own for there price cut products and vibrant shades but when I saw this I just thought, how god damn pointless!!

In the manner of the M&S adverts, this nail polish is no ordinary nail polish. This polish has a luxurious hand crafted, yellow gold lid, encrusted with 1,118 glittering diamonds. Exclusive to Frost of London for the price of £83,000.

Now am I the only person who feels this materialistic image of gluttony being portrayed is beyond mad! I'm not usually one to use words like unnecessary, waste or uncalled for when it comes for make-up, and I'm sorry to get all Oxfam on you guys but come on! Not only are we only just out of a near world wide recession, but it's Christmas. A time where most are already receiving enough as it is! Children in developing countries don't have that privilege that we do. Think about that £83,000 someone will spend on this, think what it could bring to someone in need.

Reactions to this on twitter range from ''I have to have this!'' to ''This makes me sick. #neverbuyingfromthemagain #snobs''

What do you guys think? Will you be buying the £5 version or would you prefer the £83,000. Or would you rather have nothing to do with the concept at all?

Love J.