Dear Santa... Beauty gifts for under £20!

Christmas in my house means no Facebook for a whole day, packet suffing and constant reminders from my dad that 'you don't know what you're missing out on' whilst I dig in to my Quorn meat. Oh yes, it's that festive time of year again and it's coming round all too soon. Since 'The R word' hit the U.K we seem a little less in the giving mood as the prices of friends christmas list's stack up. Never fear! Here are some beauty bargains for you to stay in the good books!

Soap and glory 'Soaper hero's', how cute. This set of beauty elixirs is priced at £12.50 at Boots and will help buff, smooth and shimmer away all the stresses of a busy Christmas!

I have to say I do love the Kate moss fragrances. I might even have to snap this up for myself! The fragrance I would say is very feminine with its notes of lily of the valley, heliotrope, magnolia, peony and rose petals.

The smokey eye is defiantly the look that has captured this last few years. Theres not one person who could not rock this versatile look and that's why your friend would love this little duo! This is going for only £9.99 at Superdrug.

Another little gem I found at Superdrug. The set on top is priced at £9.99, with the one underneath, the 'dramatic eyes set', priced at only £7.99. Although this doesn't feature some of the bright shades we all are familiar with from GOSH, these sets would suit anyone. So if your buying for someone who's style you aren't familiar with these are perfect!

This Red Herring make up set shocked me actually, all this for under £20!? It's true thanks to the sale now on at Debenhams!! 8 Nail polishes, 5 lipsticks, 4 lip glosses, 36 eye shadows and a lot more! You can buy this now online, but hurry before they all go!

The Clarins Silver Sparkle Collection Chic & Glam palette comes in a handy little bag which can be purchased in sliver, black or gold. I found this silver one online on for only £12! This was a nice surprise as I find Clarins can be a bit pricey. The palette would be perfect for a new years look to take on the go for re-application!

The Benefit 'All you need is gloss' pack. I've not met one person who dislikes Benefit. For £19.50 you get 3 double ended lip glosses. Who could say no to these rich shades?

You didn't really think I'd miss out my favourite brand of all time did you? You can get the Preen shadow box from Boots for only £18.50. This palette features 6 eye shadows; Snatch, Painkiller, Mildew, Smog, Flash, Toasted. It also comes with a Zero 24/7 glide on eyeliner and a travel sized primer potion! Hmm might just be hinting about this one myself!!

I hope this has given you some inspiration! Keep on bargain hunting though there's loads I found to write about but just couldn't fit it all in! If you find something else you want to share for under £20, post the link in the comments section for all the other bon bons to see! Have a lovely Christmas guys =]!!

Love J.