Taylor Momsen: Love her or Hate her

She has come a longgggggg way since her childhood films such as the 'Grinch', wearing stockings and not much else. Here is my opinion on Taylor.
Obviously in recent weeks Taylor has been becoming seemingly more 'Rockstar' by the minute, including flashing her assets to NYC crowd last week. Not only does she pose in lingerie for magazines, but she has spoken of her love of porn to Revolver magazine. The newest act of rebellion was when Taylor shouted at her audience for using mobiles and cameras during the gig.
It appears that Miss. Momsen is in the typical teenage phase where they think they are 'badass', but since she is famous, it seems worse?!
I am sure many of you have flashed at a party at the age of 17- I am also this age and I know a tonne of people who wack out their 'goodies' for fun (thank goodness I am NOT one of them- it isn't my style) so lets say we can forgive her for her naughty antics.
Some people have been getting angry over the fact Taylor smokes as she is seen as a role model to young girls, she replied to this, "To be honest, I don't f--king care. I didn't get into this to be a role model. So I'm sorry if I'm influencing your kids in a way that you don't like, but I can't be responsible for their actions. I don't care." This could be seen as a bit much but I'm with her on this. She is doing her multiple jobs well and her private life is hers to lead however she likes.
Okay, she does look like she is on crack most of the time, but she is a beaut and is becoming a fashion icon pretty quickly; her leather jackets, peroxide blonde hair (I wish I had) and gothic look. She even attends amazing fashion parties including being the face of John Galliano's fragrance Parler moi d'Amour, which she performed at Laperouse resteraunt in Paris for. Taylor has been seen with the likes of Lindsay Lohan- which could explain her bad behaviour, but does also prove her rise in fame; model, actress and singer.
Not only being the love of many fashion designers, she is of course, the face of Madonna's line 'Material Girl', which if you ask me, is absolutely perfect for her 80's grunge-esque look.
Her style is so 'marmite' ( you know, love it or hate it) and I tell you now, I LOVVEEEEEEE ITTT! The big shades, the constant frown, the over-dramatisised eyeliner and the statement hair- it really does it for me.

Whats all your opinions on her?
Has she gone too far?