Beauty on a Budget

Although we may have come out of a recession, everyone seems to have become quite used to keeping a tight grip on those pennies, but who says you have to put your cosmetics fix on hold?

My first bargain buy was from Topshop. The Blackpool store doesn’t actually have the new make up range just yet but you can pick it up on the website. I bought Khol pencil eyeliners for only £4 each! The colours on the eyeliners were not as vibrant as I expected but they were surprisingly good quality.

Since there seems to be a trend of highstreet shops fulfilling our inexpensive beauty needs I thought I’d try out Miss Selfridges new range. I bought one of their triplet lipgloss sets. They are £5 for a set but that’s works out at around only £1.60 each! Miss Selfridge also sell sets of glitter eyeliner and nail polish for the same price.

Whilst trying to hunt down some emergency nail polish in Poulton, (in Blackpool) I found some lovely ‘Urban rebel’ false nails in Body care. As the sinner I am I bite my nails, therefore they aren’t long enough to get acrylic nails done. On the plus side however, you could be spending up to £40 to get your nails done or you could pick up my favourite bargain buy of this month for the small price of £1.99 (as seen on a post before.) Yes, you heard that right! I picked up a lilac pair with black leopard print tips. Although the glue wasn’t the best I was actually surprised how long they lasted! You can get them in a range of patterns including pink with lace tips, paint splattered and pink leopard print. Make sure you head down to Body care and not Superdrug though, they were charging £5 for the same sets!

As for lashes I must admit, I’m addicted to the new range from Urban Decay. At £11 a pop though, they aren’t really the cheapest. I was devastated however when I found out that were selling an identical pair for only $2.25 with out glue. That comes to around £1.41.

Now that winter’s rolling in you’re going to need something to protect your lips from the chill. My best buy for lips is ‘Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip balm’. At only £3.49 it’s great for repairing cracked lips. The pomegranate smells lovely and there is no need to reapply every ten minutes as it is long lasting.

However, if your grip on your money is slipping and you just have to splurge, my favourite buy of this month has to be the new Urban Decay Black palette. Perfect for smokey eye looks. It comes with 6 shadows and ‘sin’ primer potion in a handy little palette. All for the price of £23.

Love J