Vintage on a Budget

As we are in an recession, I thought why not try to create a full vintage inspired outfit with only the allowance of £30, that is eco-friendly and looks fabulous!
Shopping in River Island or Topshop cannot do this; it is time to get creative! I’m talking charity shops, vintage boutiques and eBay.
First of all, you need to have a bit of time on your hands, start by getting yourself in to your local town as there is a load of marvelous charity shops all around the world, This dress was £3 from a charity shop in Blackpool called 'A Helping Hand', is genuine vintage and absolutely stunning.
Another cheeky trick is car boot sales. Although they are coming to an end due to the autumn weather, there are still table top sales scattered round that are unbelievably good value and are cheap, cheap, cheap- I even got a fur coat for a fiver once. This bag was from a car boot sale over summer for a bargain of £2.
As far as accessories go, (if you live in England) I would advise going to either Preston, Manchester or Sheffield to grab some amazing deals on leather/lace gloves, fascinators or jewelry. These gloves were £5 from a vintage boutique in Sheffield called ‘Freshers’, down the road is another called ‘Cow’, that is equally as reasonable and crammed full of lovely vintage goodies. Old pearl necklaces can also be purchased from these stores, but be careful not to get ripped off as some of them are just plastic, this necklace was £4 from a specialist charity/vintage Oxfam in Preston.
From eBay, you can grab suitable vintage accessories and dresses from as little as 99p (although, don’t forget that postage and packaging sometimes costs more than the purchase.)
Finally, I would wrap up this outfit with some lovely brogues. They can be found from the devils store, Primark (I don’t agree with their sweatshop makings and badly sewn clothes, but the brogues are pretty good value and do look amazing- arguably better than the nearly identical versions from H&M or Next,) this pair was £9 in the sale- that is another tip, ALWAYS raid the sales! I have also found myself some male brogues that were £2 from a little hidden charity shop.
The whole outfit can be dressed up with optional tights and ankle socks- opaque tights from Primark (starting from £2) and ankle socks from New Look (works out at £1.50 a pair.)
Total cost for the outfit: £26.50- and you must admit, it looks good.
Happy shopping guys!

Love K