Urban Decay hearts NYC box of shadows III to hit the U.K first??

So you may how noticed that out of the blue Debenhams has started to sell the new Urban Decay box of shadows III. After a friend of mine who works at Debenham's told me about the store she works at possibly getting rid of the UD counter since sales weren't so good I did a little digging and it seems that UD all round doesn't do too great in the U.K. This highly surprises me since I love Urban Decay and really thought it was loved by all!!

So I feel that this attempt to put the British first for once is an attempt to win our hearts. I do find it funny that a BOS based on New York wouldn't go to the USA first, but like I said, I'm not complaining.

Although in this economic climate I feel worried for the many cosmetic companies that are really struggling with certain things like this. Giants such as Lancome who not only test on animals but also have outrageous rip off prices don't really deserve to reign out through a recession! Just sayin!

Anyway I was going to make a post with the swatches from Temptalia but since I should be ordering mine tommorrow I thought it would be best and do a full review with swatches for you guys!

Love J.