R.I.P Monster hair!

After a year of growing it I finally went for a chop! I've had the most AWFUL experiences with hairdressers but I think I picked a good one this time!! When I get a proper picture I will post one!!

I get asked quite a bit on Formspring how I get my hair so big and basically it's no secret, my hair is just a freak of nature. It's thicker than the amazon. I don't try tricks to grow my hair I think it's just the way my hair is. The biggest advice I can give anyone when it comes to hair is; keep it natural!

-Instead of using thick hair masks that suffocate your hair how about a quick warm oil treatment? Oil treatments are great for your hair and have no harsh chemicals!
-Dying your hair seriously sucks the life out of it so try natural hair smoothies, just can find 'recipies' online and they don't ruin the vibrancy of you hair dye.
-When it comes to extensions, know what you are doing. You can either have clip in extensions or glue them in. There is also weaved hair extensions that you can get done in salons but they cost an arm and a leg!! I would suggest clips over glue. Although glue can be more subtle you have to be careful when it comes to taking your extensions out. You can buy chemicals that disolve the glue but obviously these are so awful for your hair. Plus the glue doesn't get fully dissolved leaving you yanking on your hair! No word of a lie, someone my sister worked with had a small bald patch from ripping extensions out!!

Although bon bons there is a bad side. Since my carflick has no been behaving I had to purchase some spray in wax smoothie to calm it down. Setting me back a few pennies from my UD hearts NYC BOS fund, and since I've been layed of from my only sorce of income I may have to wait a little longer before I put in my order =[. Sorry guyys!! Gutted too!!

Love J.