Urban Decay $5 sale!!

Do you see this, seriously, with your eyes??

I do and it devastates me. Part of me knows that big companies don't love to treat their customers, they love to make money. Every discount, sale, free sample is carefully planned in order to make a bigger return on. When a company cuts prices on products like this is spells bad news and in this financial climate we are now it, it worries me terribly.

I'm not too worried though.
I'm more angry. Lap it up Americano bonbons your friends across the pond get none of this. The Urban Decay website ships to the U.S and the U.S only. Whilst I sit and weep with the rest of Europe =[. I'll be lucky to... no wait I've have never actually had a sale item from boots or debenham's. Wow.

Anyway I'm sure you know I won't be able to stay mad at Urban Decay for long!

In other news I must apologise for my silence. I've been de-cluttering my room. For a box room my hording habit really managed to pack alot in! As soon as I am done though I have alot to post! So you better keep your eyes peeled!!

Love J.