The New Hair Trend

Seems like all the cool kids are shaving parts of their heads; its like the modern revolutionary style. Two of my friends have got an awesome take on this look and I'm going to share it with you bon-bons.


This is Beccie and as you can see she has peroxide blonde hair. She currently goes to college, doing hair dressing, so it is no surprise that her hair is top-knotch on trend! She is obviously very cool with peircings, her style and her friends- so with this lifestyle, Beccie can easily pull off this look! In these two photos, She has a leapord print pattern which is quite bold, so you really would have to have a certain look/ face to pull this off- luckily Beccie has it!

Here, Beccie's shaved section is plain. The great thing about this is that here, Beccie is dressed up for a night out, and her hair looks insane! Before looking in to this hair style, I would have thought that you could only be a cool, Camden style girl and not chic and sophistocated but clearly, I would have been so wrong!

Shelley has become a regular attender on Bon-Vivant-Clique but she has such great syle and design work that it is hard to avoid her! Now, Shelley has had her head shaved for a few months, changing the style quite often, but on Friday, Gary, an art technician, decided it would be fun to style Shelleys hair. He managed to do a celtic style design which as you can see, does look fantastic- maybe he should be a hair dresser and not an art technician.

The celebrity- Alice Dellal
This being the obvious; Alice Dellal. She is just utterly stunning and can no doubt ROCK this look. I personally believe that Alice is the one to set this trend amongst all the trendy young girls and trust me, it is such a hit.

The bad!

Okay, so its not all happiness. Some times shaving your head can look aweful. I guess you have to have a certain face and a certain aura to pull it off and some girls just cant! Also, an issue with the shaved head is that there is a stage where when it is growing back, that your hair will be uneven and may look a bit like a bad haircut.
Don't forget our beloved Brit, who took the shaved head a step too far! Disaster!

Just be sensibe when considering the style and really think through whether you are sure you want this look.

Love K