London College of Fashion

Yesterday, a friend and I went to LCF to see an open day and exhibition of the students work...
The day started with the best mochachino I have ever had from 'Sacred' for just £2.60, then off to the 'School of Fashion Design Technology at Carnaby Street' exhibition to view the graduates work. The space the exhibition took place in was so great, it really set the mood. The stairs were slightly wonky, the walls not perfectly even, the work set out in a realistic mannar; it just made me feel at home, the juxtaposition of the imperfect setting to the IMPECABLE and flawless work of the grad students really highlighted the raw talent, the realism of the industry and the aims of LCF as a place for teaching students to be prepared for the fashion industry.
As I blissfully walked round the work, I jotted down names of some incredible up and coming designers, in which I believe we shall see more of in the future!

Youngwon Kim- A modern twist on the classic brogue shoe.

Sherina Mason- Sophistocated handbags with the most stunning shade of tuquoise; vibrant, fresh and wearable.

Georgia Blackmore- All I can say to descibe the shoes this girl made was GAGA. The stand out pair for me was really a pastel-pink, super heel (must have been 7 inches) with an insane pom-pom on front-also pink.

Ichia Ou - In my notes, I have 'Amazzzzzing Shoes' written. One set of shoes was really a new take on the oxford/ female brogue shoe, which could have been put in the window of Topshop, Office or any other brand of shoe shop and sell immediatly, they were fantastically fashionable and wearable. I have to say that I preferred this designers flat shoes to her heels, simply because the flats were unbeatable.

Zenovia Pittas- These bags were really what anybody would first spot when they entered the exhibition. The pastel shades were fantastic, intreguing and beautiful. I even had the chance to look through her portofolio for the project and the drawings were clean and professional, I also liked the photoshoot with the contrast of the artificial bags vs. the forest.

Yui Pang- This designer made such pristine, white garments, which when you looked closely had such magnificent detail.

Jonathan Charlesworth- This designer made blue lace shoes, what really struck me was the way the shoes were presented; on a full lace platform.

Hannah Martinez- The shoes this designer created were super classy. They were sensible heels decorated with pearls, chains and lace.

Sonia Ngai- Bags for all occasions. Monochrome, woven, leather; beautiful. These bags were a real eye catcher in terms of the useability of them. I actually picked up this designers lovely business card, nice to see that so many of the grads were professional and prepared.

Minako Tsuda- This designer is specifiaclly a menswear accessories designer whom had a real stand out piece, which was a satchel. The detail was superb. Even I wanted it, and I'm female.

Jenna Aarons- At the enterance, these spectacular turquoise shoes were situated to the right. They were urban, edgy and super chic. I loved the calm use of spikes which made the shoes sassy and not scary. I also think that her business card was so creative; a photo of her shoes on card with her details on the reverse done in what looked like a stamper- a real effort was made here.

After a strong start in representing the college, we set off for a talk given by Jo and Emma about the universities design courses. As a build-up to the speech, we had a video of the graduates runway shows - I took down two main names.

Alicija Aputyte- This designer made smock style dresses with pastel shaded tights. Her main design pattern was squares or close together vertical lines. The shaping of some of her garments were what I would describe as 'angel wings', as they exagurated the shoulders but my putting the shaping out of the back of the shoulders and not the sides. Her best piece in my opinion was a jacket which was so sleek, I'd love it in my wardrobe.

Wun Tan Cecilia Ku- Sophistocated, chic, leather, black, metalics, tailored yet casual. Such a fantastic collection in my eyes. A few of the eye catching pieces for me was the opening leather jacket, the half gloves, the crop trousers (bang on trend) and finally the bag, oh the bag; super futuristic and high fashion.

If you simple type any of these names in to the search bar on 'Google', the LCF showtime website will show you images of the work and the actual designers discussion on their peices.

This was such a fantastic, insightful day that really provided fabulous information about the establishment. They offered one time only views of the Curtain Road sewing rooms and workspaces, free copies of the UTTERLY FANTASTIC UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE THAT I WORSHIP CALLED 'PIGEONS AND PEACOCKS', this magazine is all work of students etc and the editorial work is great, the writing is wonderful and I hope one day to contribute - if not become Editor-In-Chief- to this magazine. Finally, they gave info on the halls and the whole area of London, with hotspots for food, clothes and all else.
This was followed by a Pret lunch; magnificent.

5/5, 100%, amazing, In Love.
Hope to see all of LCF next year <3 <3

Love K
Future LCF Fashion Journalism student- I hope.