Love in a sweat shop.

I stumbled across a little article on Outsapop just yesterday about this amazing little cafe in Paris.

'Sweat shop' charges a mere 6 euros an hour for you to use their SINGER sewing machines with expert advice and help on hand. Now I am part of the youth of the recession. Gone are the days you'll manage to seek out some vintage YSL whilst thrifting, it's all family hand me downs and wearing things until they are well and truly tattered. Having the resources to update, customise and repair your threads would be incredible! Can you imagine? Instead of everyone going round in the same old latest Primark and Topshop, people would create their own fashion. The streets would be a parade of colour and craft.

Maybe I'm just getting a little slushy, but I am not surprised. I have fallen madly in love with this concept and I hope so badly for it to take off into the U.K. Would anyone care to let me know if their are any already? I have researched all night and have come up with nothing!

Without sounding like a major Marxist, I am sick of consume, consume, consume. I want to create, create, create!

Ok that last one was cheesey but you get the idea!
What do you think Bon bons? Wouldn't you just love it if one of those opened up in your town??

Love J.