Friend Folio; Shelley Moore- Future Fashion Designer

Future Aspirations:
Shelley: To go to Central St. Martins and study fashion design, womenswear and eventually own my own range.
Favourite Stores:
Shelley: I am more in to vintage boutiques and such. I call it retro grandad clothes.
Style Inspirations:
Shelley: I have two styles, the grunge one- which I look to celebrities such as Alice Dellal for inspiration- and a 1950s style, just generally inspired by the whole era.
Spare Time:
Shelley: In my spare time, I like to alter clothes, its better to just change them that buy a whole new wardrobe. I also like to draw and make clothes.

Favourite Music
Shelley: I like Pixies of Nevada. The best gig I have been to is Placebo. Alot of my friends are in local bands so I like to go along and support them.
Favourite Designer
Shelley: My favourite designer is Gareth Pugh. I like his creativity. Hes just great.
Favourite Book
Shelley: I am currently reading Trainspotting, its really good, its just taking me a little too long.
Favourite Magazine
Shelley: I love I.Q and LOVE is just so good!
Designer Vs. Highstreet
Shelley:Designer wear is good for special occasions or going out and getting all dressed up, but for generally, highstreet is better for day wear, its a bit more realistic.
Style Secrets
Shelley: What I have found is that the more embarrasing and random the outfit, the more people think you are fashionable and have planned it. The worse or extreme the outfit, the better you look.

Above is Shelley as a Disney character done by Paul Richardson.
Style tips
Shelley: layers!
Skinny Vs. Curves; Size 0 Debate
Shelley: For fashion, I do think being slimmer is better, but on real girls, like me, curves are better.

Recently, Shelley has made a 'Straigh-jacket Dress' which she is modelling at a college fashion show.

Shelley is ever coming up with fantastic new ideas that are so original and inventive. Below is a photograph of a butterfly head piece that she made recently, this is Alice Tripp modelling it.
She has also made a peice out of old book pages. I appologise about the hand.

Love K and J