Jewellery Sales

I went in to town this week and could not resist buying all the gorgeous jewellary in the sales, expecially in Dorithy Perkins and Miss Selfridge.

This ring is from D.P and was only £1! Can you believe it? It was originally £9, which is actually a pretty good price for it aswell. This ring is quite a statement so is good for a simple outfit. Thankfully, it goes with my nails!

This bracelet is from Next, but I got it as a present so I'm not exactly sure of the price. Is is very pretty and can go with everything but it can be quite noisy- it has bells and a load of silver charms.

I love this necklace! Pearls are probably one of my favourite thing in the world- I love the Chanel look of them. The 'Love' silver letters make the necklace casual and it only cost £2 from D.P, I just wonder how long the lettering will last before tarnishing.

I don't really wear headbands anymore but when I saw this one I couldn't resist buying it for only £1... (are these prices shocking you as much as me?) I am yet to wear it but am very excited to do so. It is a very Blair out of Gossip Girl headband.

I used to have a pair of real silver earrings possibly identical to these, but knowing me, I lost one of them so when I saw these out of D.P for just £4 I couldn't help but buy them, they are simple, eyecatching but not over the top and are really easy to wear! BARGIN!

Oh! My new favourites. I love pastel colours, light fabrics, feminine dresses and sequins/ feathers so when I saw these earrings out of Miss Selfridge for £3, what was I supposed to do? There was a similar pair for the same price but the feathers were dark green and black, so I opted for the girly choice for once. So far I have had them for 6 days and I have wore them 3 times with 3 different outfits, to 3 very different occasions! Work a treat!

I grabbed a few more goodies but I'm not going to put them up because these are my favourite load; for example, I got a pair of gold circular plated earrings but I wore them one day and they really hurt my ears because they were too heavy!

Have you found any cheeky bargins lately?

Love K