Friend Folio; Zoe James

This is Zoe. She is such an amazing anime creator. When I look at her work, I fall in love.

Future Aspirations:
Zoe: I would like to be a History teacher but would love to be a freelance artist/ illustrator for books and such.

Favourite Shops:
Zoe: Topshop and Thunderegg

Style Inspiration:
Zoe: I love Japanese fashion so take a lot of ideas from harajuku.

Spare Time:
Zoe: I spend alot of time drawing (see quick sketch of K on her birthday this year below)I have a load of sketchbooks. I play World of Warcraft, which is really embarrasing ( K: I love this about Zoe. I used to play myself)and I have a pen pal in Japan so I have learned to write and speak Japanese.

Favourite Music:
Zoe: LIGHTS! Owlcity. A rocket to the moon.

Favourite Art:
Zoe: I love all anime, comics and Disney.

Favourite Book:
Zoe: I love reading, anything, everything; I love it all.

Favourite Magazine:
Zoe: Glamour

K: I am very sorry as this photo does this drawing NO JUSTICE!

Designer Vs. High-Street:
Zoe: I like designers like Disney Couture, their jewellary is AMAZING!

Style Secret:
Zoe: Just wake up! Do whatever!

Style Tips:
Zoe: This isn't exactly style as opposed to LIFEstyle but drinking is good, I don't mean alcohol, as in water etc. its great.

Size 0; Skinny Vs. Curvy:
Zoe: People should be able to accept their curvyness but that won't happen, expecially not in our lifetime. But, in a way its unfair that some people can be model skinny without trying, yet it is also bad that they have the pressure to be so thin... I personally and secretly am a fan of thinner girls.

See Zoe's work at
Love K