My Look

The Face

For my foundation, right now I am using 17 Super Wear, Long Lasting foundation in Soft Ivory with the matching matted face powder. Before this, I was using a different liquid combined with this 17 powder and I find normally, the powder is most effective when being used with the same brand of liquid.
For the blusher I used 'Pout' in pink which has to be applied lightly as this powder can go on a bit too strong.

The Eyes

First, I started by using this Front Cover set. I applied 'Powder Puff' over the whole lid, up to the eyebrow quite lightly as I didn't want to look too overdone. Next, I added 'Burnt Toast' up until the crease in the eyelid, this was applied slightly harder than the 'Powder Puff'.
I then added a smooth, fairly thick line of Rimmel London Exaggerate eye liner, which I bought recently when I ran out of my previous liquid liner. It has turned out to be a great buy and I think it was around £5.
Returning to the box, I added a shade called 'Black Ink' which is basically a dark, black eyeshadow with a nice, subtle glitter to it. I used this shade over the top of the liquid eye liner just to blend the look together as the eye liner looked too bold at this point.
To end, I applied Maybelline New York's Colossal Volume mascara very heavily. This is because, I believe that well used mascara makes the eye appear to be more open and awake.

The Lips

For my lips, I used Loreal Paris, Glam Shine 6H lipgloss. I recently bought this because I wanted a feminine shade with a bit of shine, but if I am being honest, I don't think this gloss suits me... shame really. Shine on my mouth is not a great look for my face, I suit more matted colours like some lipsticks.
Don't think bad of this gloss though as I recently met a girl who had the exact shade as me, and she rocked it. The heart shaped wand moulds round the lips for perfect application.

The Outfit

The lime green dress is from Ethel Austins about a year and a half ago, I think it works nicely as it is a statement colour, but the shape is timeless. I have put a black woolen cardigan over the top which has a fantastic detailed, glitter section around the neck and the shoulder.
Finally, the bag is from Wallis for around about £40 to £50, its really easy to use, it has a lovely expensive feel to it and I love using it on days where I have quite a lot to take in my bag.

Love K

P.s. The jewellary has been mentioned in previous posts.