Hair Extensions; Friend or Foe?

Hair extensions are just a two way road, they can either look amazing and really change a persons whole image, or can look pathetic.
I am gong to give you some personal samples of quite good examples vs. some hair DON'Ts committed by celebrities (I could have used some of my friends but I though best not to.)

This is me back at Christmas 2009, my hair had all fallen out back in the June of 09 due to too much hair dyes and creme peroxide (thats a different story I am sure we will get to another time) so I was a little upset -thats a lie, I was distrought- that my hair had gone from thick and superrrrrrrr longgggg to shabby, ratty and short! So, I got myself some cheapy extentions for the Christmas meal my friends and I were having. I think for having one set of 15 quid extensions and a set of £5 ones, this looked pretty good. A trick I used was to sweap all the hair over one shoulder and bobby pin in place.

This is my gorgeous friend Eleanor, queen of all things beauty; eyelashes, fake tan, make up, nails. I have to say that her extensions are fabulous. They are the perfect shade, length and blend in to her natural hair. For Eleanor, the extensions are more for thickening her hair other than lengthening it (which it does add a few inches.) Her extensions are actually real hair, which means they are more pricey but last longer and look so much better.

This is Leigh and she has such an interesting natural hair colour, with highlights of blondes, light browns and other intricate shades. When it comes to buying hair extensions, it would seem to be hard to find the perfect set that matches the exact colour she has. But, its possible! Leigh has had hundreds and hundred of hair extensions, you could say shes pretty much an expert. I shall direct you to her blog if you need to know any more...
This blog also provides tips, advice and more about all things beauty based.

Now for the bad!!

The Oh So Bad!
These pretty much speak for themselves but never the less, I'll give you a quick opinion.
Brit shows her glued in row of extensions, this could be avoided by putting the rows lower down in the head. A real problem with extensions is that the clips or glue can show, the only resolve is to keep on top of them, mirror checks etcetera.
And Paris is modeling her bad glue-ins here aswell, the definate resolve again is to either put them lower or keep on top of checks.
Sorry celebs, you have been papped.

Have you guys got any stories or experiences with extensions? Any tips? Advice? Opinions?
Feedback Bon Bons!!

Love K