Why do I hardly ever seem to see make up models that arn’t white? I think it’s a complete travesty. Not only are we missing out on gorgeous models like this but it is pure discrimination! I’m looking in the advertisement gallery on BarryM.com right now and all I can see are white skinned people.
Lets try Urban Decay. So on the steal our looks page the faces are drawings, not people so I think I’ll let them off.
Surprise surprise who greats me at the Bourjois homepage? A white makeup model. Hit up the make up class page and you will be confronted by more.
Maybe Too faced could save us? I have just visited the website and the first model I see is white, the site itself has hardly any models on it but I have not so far come across model that isn’t white.
What about MAC? Of how very controversial to comment on the queen of make up companies. I am sad to report I am let down by MAC, the photo reel on the homepage featured only white girls, ok so maybe the MAC to the beach model was more bronze than porcelain , but still that doesn’t make up for it.

I am white, so don’t even try to claim I am in some way making racist remarks to white people. I myself am guilty of only posting white girls, all the swatches I can find are only on white girls. It’s a shame. I envy girls with porcelain skin but that doesn’t give me the right to leave out anyone else. We need to start appreciating beauty for what it really is and not define it by skin colour.

What about you Bonbons? Have you ever had an issue with make up companies? Do you feel that the looks they create are taylor to certain skin colours?

Love J.