Katy Perry sporting her blue Smurfette wig.

So I am a little late on this but I wanted to hear what all the little Bonbon’s out there thought of Katy Perry’s blue hair?

For those recoiling in horror it is just a wig, but it’s a wig that has been sported not only on the MTV awards red carpet but also in the new video for Katy Perry’s new song California girls, featuring Snoop Dogg.

Although most people, myself included, feel this is only a plug for her new role in the Smurfs film where Katy herself voices Smurfette. It got me thinking about dramatic hair colours. I myself haven’t really had any dramatic colours in my hair appart from when I tried to have highlights one time and they ended up bright orange. Very flattering -_-!! I’ve had tints in my hair, mainly black with ones that shine in the sun like blue and a reddy hue but it mainly just look black. Although in Year 8 I did have plum coloured!!

In the U.K right now red hair is very very common. LOVELY, but everyone has it. I’m not talking red as in Haley Williams gingery red, I meen red as in, well, red! It’s a shame that everyone has over done it really because some people really suit it.

Maybe dying isn’t your thing though? Would you try a wig? I am probably sounding insane right not but wigs are actually becoming more common for a quick fix of change. I’m not talking fancy dress shop, musty smelling synthetic hair, I mean real hair, like high quality hair extensions. I must say though be careful, there are alot of ethical issues surrounding real hair products so research the company before buying!!

What is the most dramatic hair colour you have had??

Love J.